Senin, September 22, 2008

Aglaonema 'Pride of Sumatra' legends

This new "Chinese evergreen" from Indonesia was bred by Mr. Gregori Hambali of Bogor, West Java (A. rotundum X A. commutatum 'Tricolor'). It is one of a series of new hybrids that make the old varieties look dowdy by comparison. The leaves are deep red beneath, green above with screaming carmine pink midribs and veins. The stem is creamy yellow blushed carmine, and there is cream in the leaf too, outlining the pink of the veins. Flowers are like miniature callas, cream in color. An excellent house plant for strong light but not sun.

Will accept low light, but the colors are not as strong. Use a well-drained soil mix and allow to dry before watering


S E L E S A I .... BEBAS EUY... ehhhh ada lagi yang kasih PR tapi aku lupa siapa yaaaa yang kasih PR... waktu itu kerjaan ku overload jadi aku minta waktu nah saat ini sedikit lenggang mohon